What did you like this week?

October 17, 2008

Whats got you excited? will be a new installment for this preview season of MEV. In it, I will highlight cards which I think will be on my top list, and explain why it is that I like them so.

We’re into week 2 of previews for this new set, and I’m sure most of the VS world will agree with me when I say, WOW.

Some intense cards have popped up this week, but I think the thing on everyone’s mind is the new mechanic that we were introduced to; Shift. The ability to pay for future recruits, and the ability to completely maximize, (and in many instances, cheat more) one’s resource points seem to be the central theme to the Exiles, who, fromĀ  what we have seen so far these last 2 weeks, seem to be one of the teams to beat once this set sees release. Being able to fully use your resource points is one of the key factors to winning games, and the fact that this team does it so easily will make them the focus of many power decks, and will probably be one of the first Tier 1 teams to come from this set.

Moving on;

We saw some really cool cards this week that showed us that Shift and the Exiles will be fun and competitive to play with. We saw 2 new legends, and probably one of the most powerful Legend cards out there, but looking past all that, we also got to see a card that has me totally excited, and hoping that I pull a four of.

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Casual vs. Competitive (does it really exist? does it even matter anymore?)

October 17, 2008

I know its way late, and probably not something on the mind of most players nowadays, but what do you think of said topic?

Here in my neck of the woods, its something that pops up every once in a while. You see, the majority of guys that I play with, and those that most often frequent my HL are very much a casual player base. We don’t own the moeny rares, we haven’t had the experience of playing VS (or any other TCG for that matter) in an enviorment where being competitive actually paid off.

(I dont know who this guys is, just popped up after google image search, seemed good enough)

(I don't know who this guys is, just popped up after google image search, seemed good enough)

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Giving it another shot…

July 10, 2008

So its been a LONG while since I’ve really updated this with anything, but I still love playing VS, and from time to time, I want to write about something, so I figured, why not just give it a go.

I’ve been playing with the new MUN set since it came out this past month, and I’ve got to say, its phenomenal. Actually, one of the things that been hard for me to write about is the fact that, even though the sites original premise was to try and give players with smaller wallets a way to play competitively and still stay cheap, I myself can’t really give that great advice, seeing as Josh and I both put down some cash and decided to buy a whole case for our selves. Still there are some teams that look like you will be able to build on the cheap, and thats one of the teams I’ll talk about now.

Say hello to
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />
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BYOT Tourney report…

May 30, 2008

So last Friday, Edgeworld hosted a sweet BYOT tourney. For those not familiar, BYOT is a format in which all cards in your deck MUST reference the team that you are playing. Erick amusingly calls it the “anti-legend” format, as all cards that are legend stamped tend to refer to the character, as opposed to the team. In any case, myself and my fellow Realmers (Josh and Andrew) decided we would go as it was a format that interested us all.

Well, that morning, I got into work at 5 in the morning, and seeing as I thought I’d be off by 2, I figured I could go home, build my deck, get some rest, and then head out to the Realms for some light playtesting, before heading to the tourney.

Thats not what happened.

I ended leaving work at 5, and having no time to build my deck, I headed home to pick up my DLS and DSM cards, after which I sped to Realms, with the idea of building a Darkseid deck, based around “All Hail Darkseid” and using “Hordes of Apokolips” and “Dark Fury” to up my ATK, and do double burn damage by equipping my characters with “Beta Clubs”

Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.

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Re-present? Ready, Set Love? whatever title, you wish…VS project

May 6, 2008

So, while today is not the first of the month, it does mark the beginning of a new project I and Runaway from “TheBraveandtheBlog” will be collaborating in.

You see, in honor of the BYOS events being sanctioned by UDE, as well as the fact that when it comes to building on a budget, BYOS is one of the coolest options, we’ve decided to honor Sets. BYOS is awesome because it gives you a limited card pool, and allows you to make flavorful as well as competitive decks. It allows you to find focus, and also makes it cheaper to build decks, seeing as you only have to invest in a set that features heroes (and villains) you feel a connection with. With this is mind, Run and I came up with this little project.

We’ll take it all one week at a time, and we’ll learn different things about a given set each week. Hidden Gems, High Tier Decks, story lines that influenced the set, we plan to discuss all that and more. It should make for some very fun, and hopefully very informative, 22 weeks or so.

And which set are we gonna start this all off with? While it would make sense to go straight from the beginning, Run and I felt that maybe the least loved sets should get the love first, and after a coin flip, this guy came out a winner. For our first installment of Ready, Set Love, we present;

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We’s got mentioned on the MOTHERSHIP!!!

May 1, 2008

Oh man, Stu Barnes is like, the MAN!*

Did you check out Stu Barnes article on the mothership yesterday? Along with being full of his usual clever and encouraging writing style, it also happened to talk a small bit about our HL, and used the pics that I posted up last week, showcasing our champs.

Not only that, but he called me a CREATIVE GENIUS! While I definitely appreciate the statement, I also feel that I’ve got to give the blog a little more love, as well as make some tweaks here and there too truly earn that remark.

Luckily for me, Runaway and I have been coming up with some schemes to keep us more involved with our blogs, as well as making it all fun.

Be ready, because fun and games are definitely coming up, and it all starts next week.


RUN gets to preview a card!

April 28, 2008

So yea, he let me know a while back that TBS had selected him to be among the few celebrated bloggers that received the right to preview a card from the new set.

He’s been sitting on this card for I think close to a week, and the cheeky bastard wouldn’t even give me a hint as to what it is. “Why kill the anticipation I know you get when waiting for a preview. Why destroy that small piece of imagination and fantasy you got going on, as you try and figure out what the card is, or what it might do? You know you love it.”


In any case, I recommend all you guys to stay close to your computers, as RUN let slip that the preview should be up first thing Tuesday. And when I say first thing Tuesday, I mean, when the clock here strikes 12.

BTW, we’re on Pacific Standard time.