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Hidden Gems #2

March 31, 2008

So one of the most important things in the game of VS, and pretty much anything else in life, is the amount of bang that you can get for your buck.  In the real world, if you can get a good deal on something you really want, you’re usually going to take it, as its going to put you ahead in the world.

In the VS world, we always try to get the most that we can out of our cards. If a 2 drop can stun something bigger with a plot twist, we will almost always go that route, or if we can cheat in characters, if they’re on team, we will definitely include them for additional firepower.

This brings us to todays concealed gem.

Recently, I was building a Checkmate deck that abused Aspiring pawns. The deck did ok, but it crapped out often on turn 5. After considering the different options that Checkmate offered on turn 5, I took a step back, and stumbled upon a gem of a card that would fit the theme well, offer some flexibility as to when she could be played, and give me more bang for my resource points;

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A not so dreamy aftermath…

March 20, 2008

So I’m liking the build, but it seemed to crap out an awful lot when you played it yesterday. Is there some kind of consistency issue with the deck, or were you two just not getting along that day?

     by TheBraveandtheBlog March 20, 2008 at 11:10 am 

So the deck did not play as marvelously as I anticipated. A few minor tweaks were made before I sat down with it on Tuesday night to test it out. It did an awesome job of being annoying a wiping the floor with my friends insanity build (the fact that he missed on 5 may have been a contributing factor, but I did only put out 2 pawns that turn) After a few matches, we decided that Amanda Waller, Queen, with a boost on 5 was a pretty awesome play. Her + 2 pawns equaled for 13 atk in the concealed!

Wednesday, after a few more tweaks (most notably adding in 2 amanda and cutting a Brother Eye, and a Hunte Castle) saw the deck play fairly poorly. Consistency all of a sudden turned into a big issue with the deck, and it totally bombed a couple of drops every game. It seemed I made something to anger the precious balance of the deck. Still, I really enjoyed playing the deck, and definitely plan on tweaking it some more until it becomes a kitchen table powerhouse.


Knightly Aspirations…

March 17, 2008

So first and foremost, my apologies to any consistent readers I may have. My internet has been down, as well as wonky this past week, and that, coupled with work, made posting close to impossible. Everything seems to be good now, so I plan to be posting on a much more consistent basis.

Moving on…

So, one of my goals since playing the game has always been to come up with a slightly competitive army deck. Out of my VS playing friends, I’ve always been the one to bring the jank-tastic army decks and see if they can at least scrape out a win. So far, only my variants on 2 net decks (War Paint, and AGL) have been able to net me some wins. This being the case, I had kind of put that on the wayside, and instead had become interested in characters that shared versions. After a few discussions with my VS partner in crime, we came upon a version from Crisis that never seemed to become abused; Knight. So after some discussion and card searching we came up with this little build. Oh, and guess what, it uses awesome Army characters;

The Dream Deck (because we all have Knightly Aspirations)


13x Aspiring Pawn, Army

4x Sarge Steel, Knight

4x Fire, Knight

4x Harry Stein, King in Check

1x Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Knight

2x Huntress, Reluctuant Queen


4x Secret Checkmate HQ

4x Brother I Satellite

4x Brother Eye

4x Hunte Castle

4x Birthing Chamber

3x Rook Control

Plot Twists:

4x Ravaged

2x Furious Assault

3x Poker Night

The deck runs an obviously heavy location suite, but, thanks to Fire, you should be able to discard for damage every turn. The cool thing is that your Knights will get fairly big starting from 3 on, and with Rook Control, you should be able to throw your more important characters into the concealed, so you get to hurt things on the attack. While the deck is pretty straight-forward, having only one option at each drop, heres a dreamy play by play.

Preferred initiative is odds, but evens isn’t terrible.

Turn 1: Aspiring Pawn. As most deck run no ones, it should get a counter, and become a Knight.

Turn 2: Sarge. Stun their 2, and the Pawn will smash face for another counter.

Turn 3: Fire, burn for 2. I will add that against a World Finest Deck, it might be worth boosting in Sarge here to deny them an Alfred activation. Or Wong for defenders. Or any pesky 1 drop. Here, yet another counter for the pawn.

Turn 4: Harry Stein: Rook Control him into the concealed if possible. Smile as your Knights get beefier. Discard location for 2 burn from Fire.

Turn 5: Now here is where things can get interesting. Though that could have easily happened last turn. You should be up by at least 1 or 2 characters against your opponent, and have a 4/4 Pawn hanging around. You would hopefully put out 5 pawns on this turn. With Harry boosting up your knights, you can play ravaged and furious assault, helping Fire stun their 5. (With just one Ravaged and Furious Assault, she’d be at 9) Then either the Pawn or Sarge into their 4, and if a 3 is around, Harry into that. Now your Pawns are free to smash face, and get fabulously big. You Rook another Knight (preferably Fire) into the Concealed.

Turn 6: By this time, you should have a fairly large board, with a couple of pawns at 3/3. You drop another pawn and Arsenal, who gets Rooked to the concealed. With simply exhausting your locations, you should be able to get him at 13. If you played odd initiative, you can flip Secret Checkmate HQ so that when attacking back, your board is really gonna hurt them. Not just that, but whoever they attack with should easily be able to be stunned by Roy’s ability. Ouch. After that, stunning their remaining drop should not be a big problem, and everyone else can smash face for lots of painful damage.

So thats pretty much it. I’ll hopefully be able to put it together sometime before Hobby League this week. If thats not the case, I’ll just wait till next week. I’ll make sure to post on how it did. If you have any tweaks or suggestions, I’d be more than happy to take them. Oh, and just in case, I know Ahmed would probably make the deck run a lot better, but 1, he’s not a Knight, and 2) he’s Ahmed. Let’s just leave it at that.



March 9, 2008

So I’m a huge fan of the new Blue Beetle, as I’m sure you can tell from some subtle hints I have on the site. I would really love to see VS give him a team if his own, and as such, some of my fantasy cards are inspired by the new run by Rogers is pretty much awesome. As such, I’ve obviously run the fanboy route, and come up with some cards, this one being a small preview;

(Ok, so just to clarify real quick, I’ve edited his stats and they’re 2/3, the problem being that photobucket is lame, and will not link the appropriate pic.)

So I think Team Blue could be really awesome. The Blue Beetle just begs for legend treatment, and with 3 different identities available, theres a lot of place you could go with them. Add to this the awesome cast of characters from the new run, and you have yourself a team that could be fairly competitive, and lots of fun.

As for the card, I felt that this was a fun and flavorful representation of the new Beetle. Jaime is obviously full of trick weaponry from the get go, but it only comes on-line when he’s in danger, hence his need to be in combat. The endurance loss is an obvious drawback, and the fact that it becomes less so is a reflection of his slowly growing control over his newfound abilities. And as for his equipment limit, while I don’t mind him having 2 equip, he’s the Jaime Reyes<>Blue Beetle, not Jaime Reyes <>Dr. Fate.


Building on a Budget…why BYOS is your best friend

March 8, 2008

The main goal of this blog, as I’m sure some of you are aware about, is playing VS on a budget. While I will admit that my cardpool is fairly large, it mostly consists of older sets, no longer silver legal, and is in no way as complete as many others happen to be (I will admit that at one point, I heavily invested in DLS, but still only came out with 1 copy of Mobilize). While a limited cardpool may make it difficult to put together those awesome Tier 1 builds you always hear, you can still get a lot out of those cards, and out of the boxes that now go for as little as 20 dollars.

UDE has sanctioned in the past, and will hopefully do so again on the future, the BYOS format. It’s my #1 favorite format simply because I’m able to get the most use out of all my cards, and also, really makes you think up some new and interesting combo’s that you may not truly have seen before. I know I myself have had that happen to me on more than one occasion. A classic example would be when I was building my Who’s exhausted deck. While searching for some “for the turn” atk modifiers, I came upon a gem of a card that was within the set and that I remembered scoffing at before because, 1) it had slightly odd art, and 2) I had neglected to read the whole card, and just noticed the +2 atk, instead of;

Flight, range, and +2 atk for the turn. Yes please!

And thus, I challenge all my readers. Pick a set, or even just your favorite team, and see if you can’t come up with some awesome stuff that doesn’t need so much legacy or rare support, and rather is just a bit of ingenuity taken a long way.

Hope you guys come up with fun stuff.


Good things are brewing…

March 7, 2008

So I’m excited that our new hobby league was successful in interesting new players. I’m also excited that my girlfriends little brother, who came to watch us play this last week, expressed interest in the game. Its great to get new blood into the game, and now my task is to hook him into the awesomeness that is watching your favorite superhero’s go toe to toe with your opponents favorite’s, and feel that shock of victory when you find yourself triumphant.

With this in mind, I asked him what superhero’s he would like to play with. Among the teams he mentioned was X-men, and though I don’t have the greatest assortment of cards available, I put together some Golden Agey madness that I imagine will often hurt opponents:

Chuy’s X-deck (I’ll try and come up with something more clever, I promise)


4x Multiple Man<>Jamie Madrox, Army

3x Jubilee, Mallrat

4x Dazzler, Allison Blaire

4x Bishop, Lucas Bishop

4x Cyclops, Slim

4x Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner

2x Gambit, Swamp Rat

2x Forge, Inventor Extraordinaire

3x Wolverine, Logan

2x Cable, Nathan Summers


3x Danger Room

3x Muir Island

2x X-corporation

3x Birthing Chamber

 Plot Twists:

4x Nasty Surprise

4x Battle Tactics

4x Fast Ball Special

3x Blinding Rage

This is currently a rough sketch of the deck, but I feel it would have a fairly aggressive feel to it. It should be able to dominate in the early turns, and with Battle Tactics, Cyclops, and Fastball Special, it shouldn’t have too much of a problem dealing with larger characters in the later turns.  I plan to test it out for a few games to see how it works, and if all goes well, hand it over some Chuy can have some fun, and lead his X-men army to victory.


Whose exhausted?

March 5, 2008

So myself and my perpetual VS partner in crime have finally decided to tackle and take head on that elusive beast we have struggled to capture for almost a year now; our own VS hobby league. Though we live in Southern California, where it seems hobby leagues are more prevalent than in other parts, we have often been turned off by one of various factors; be it the drive, the night, or just the fear that player will outclass us tremendously and make us feel like chumps. In an effort to no longer be denied a place where we can get others together to play, we asked our local comic shop owner if he would be ok with us creating a league, and getting us support in the form of carrying VS product and ordering HL kits. He readily agreed, and so for the past 2 weeks, we have been getting together on Wednesday nights, with us just playing the game, and answering any questions, as well as demoing the game for all who care to play.

We finally got our first guy to be real interested in the game today, and hopefully, with luck, he’ll be back next week to try the game out with us again.

Now, quickly changing gears…

My friend and I both bring decks that we feel are easy to play for any beginners to the game. Yet we still love to bring our wacky and different ideas to test out, as well as to showcase as some of the more complex and different things you can do once you get used to the game. The build I took today is one I cooked up this past week, and which abuses a certain dual affiliated character:

Whose exhausted (cause I know I’m ready)


4x Frank Drake, Nightstalker

2x Wong, Mystical Manservant

4x Black Cat, Nine Lives

4x Tania Belinskya<>Red Guardian, Cold Warrior

3x Punisher, Frank Castle

4x Hellcat, Patsy Walker

2x Spider-Man, The Sensational Spider-Man

1x Spider-Man, Spider-Hulk

2x Samantha Parrington, Chooser of the Slain

4x Moon Knight, Fist of Khonshu

1x Quasar

1x Submariner


3x Ego Gem

3x Spider-Mobile

2x Teleportation Ring


1x Stark Tower

3x Sanctum Sanctorum

Plot Twists:

4x Consulting the Orb

4x Rabbit Fire

4x Defenders Defend

2x Secret Defenders

2x Indebted

2x Banished to the Abyss

1x The “B” Team

The deck aims to win on turns 5 or 6, attacking with a fully pumped up Moon Knight on either 5 or 6 for lots of damage. While the deck could be a lot better, I build decks with only what I got, and this little amalgamation seems to have a great consistency for me. The deck abuses Spider-Mobile and Teleportation Ring to cheat in Moon Knight, and as such, the team ups really aren’t all that necessary, which may mean some future versions of this not even running a team up at all. Its definitely fun, and fairly straight-forward, which has made it fun and easy to play so far.

A quick rundown of how the deck plays out would be like this:

Black Cat or a 1 drop

Turn 1: Play Frank, or if you were lucky enough, put out Wong.

Turn 2: Play Black Cat. She is your best play for 2 main reasons, 1) She has evasion, which means its easy enough to keep her around till turn 5 or 6, when you can sub in Tania, and let that awesome +4atk kick in. 2) She does a fantastic job of milling unneeded cards out of your hand, and replacing them with new goodies.

Turn 3: Recruit Patsy, back up on Black Cat.

Turn 4: Now, in an optimal game, you would play Spider-Man, Sensational SM here. He exhausts a drop on 4 and on 5, and can be subbed by Samantha after exhausting a 3 drop.

Turn 5: Moon Knight. Back up all on him, hit, rinse, and repeat twice more. (Use Moon Knights Ability on last atk)

Turn 6: Now, you should really only get to this turn if you had evens. If that is the case, then Quasar is the way to go, to give Moon Knight some more punch. If off Init, I find that Submariner makes for a better wall, as he can brick attacks more easily than Quasar.

Well there you have it. I’m probably going to do some editing to the decklist in the next couple of weeks, and if I get it up to par, I might make it my go to deck for any BYOS tourneys that might come up soon.