Can something be coming…

March 4, 2008

Hello all!

While I definitely do not consider myself among the best or most intense of VS players, I will admit that with about 2 years of casual play under my belt, I get some of the rulings, and understand what makes many decks powerful. Just today, a friend and I were discussing the sudden demise of the Bizzaro build, and if anything else would be seen of our #1 friend. It was then that he mentioned the power of an oft overlooked card, and my brain exploded with ideas:

And thus, HellBiz is born.


4x Hellboy, Little Boy

6x Damn Nazi’s

4x Jaime Reyes

4x Kate Corrigan

4x Hellboy, Aung Un Ranma

4x Bizarro, Me am Bizzaro #1

1x Abe Sapien, Ichthyo Sapien


1x Steel Girder

3x BPRD Signal Device

2x Ego Gem

1x Twin Firearms (or Mindtap Mechanism)


4x Bizzaro World

2x Canvendish Hall


1x Weapons Lab

Plot Twists:

4x Something is Coming

4x Break off the Horns

4x Pancakes

2x Healing Factor

1x Need for Speed

The beauty of this deck is that it lets you fetch at least any one card up to four different times starting from turn 3 and on. Not just that, but the fact that Bizarro can take advantage of all the Hellboy centric plot twists is a beautiful thing.

The deck would hopefully play out like this.

Mulligan Condition: Kate Corrigan, or some way to fetch Kate Corrigan, (i.e. BPRD HQ and a BPRD char), and a Damn Nazi.

Turn 1: Any Resource, Damn Nazi (Hopefully)

Turn 2: Kate, Bounce and search out Weapons Lab (btw, if you happen to have a Jaime in hand, don’t forget you can exhaust Kate when you put her out to search for an equip, (ego gem?) and still bounce her back)

Turn 3: Kate again, this time searching out either Canvendish Hall, or BizWorld, then 1 drop and ego gem (if you didn’t have a 1 out before) If you happen to have recruited hellboy, and have the Nazi out, flip Cavendish and put that Something in your hand to good use and search out a card. Equip Ego gem, activate, net another card.

Turn 4: Hellboy. By this time, you should have a fairly full hand. Activate that Ego Gem for one more. If you haven’t already, flip the Lab and dig for the Signal Device, if you don’t have it yet. Hit stuff with Hellboy, and if you can, ready and atk again.

Turn 5: Bizarro with Steel Girder. At 11 atk, he should be able to stun most 5’s, and remember, you can power him up with any char in your hand. If you can, recover, ready, and make that 4 drop also unable to recover. Let Hellboy hit the 3, and they recover that.

Turn 6: If it gets to here, and you chose the Mindtap, Abe Concealed is the way to go, (this is especially true if your off init) If its your init though, Abe out with Twin Firearms is a better deal. You should be able to win this turn, if not make your opponent concede as he will, optimally only have his 3 and 6 out against your dangerous and overstatted 4,5 and 6.

Now, this deck is real rough, and of course, does not properly abuse Bizarro, due to the fact that these cards all exist in my card pool, and I felt like building something I could actually play for real, and not just on MWS. If you, on the other hand, have access to more potent Legendary cards, feel free to tech them in, and see how much fun you can have with this little idea.



  1. Yes, yes, YES!!! This is my favorite deck from the new crop of blogger action. Consider yourself blogrolled, I will check back often.

  2. I’m already making a deck trying to abuse Something is Coming. THANK YOU!!

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