Hidden Gems #1

March 5, 2008

So I actually took this idea off of a fellow blogger over at tcgplayer. He has blogs where he posts “Concealed Gems” of the game that he finds great use of, or which he thinks are cool. Following in his footsteps, I’ve decided, from time to time, post a few hidden gems of my own.

My first one is still Modern, and a card I’ve grown to greatly appreciate

Back when I played in my 3rd VS Sneak Peak (remember those good old days?) I built a defenders/spider-friends deck that took me to a 3-3 record. I remember playing this card in one of my games, calling out Imperius Rex, and putting the card into my hand when I revealed it. I remember the judges nodding their heads in awe, and my opponent begin to sweat as he realized he would soon surely lose. (I later went on to make a terrible misplay with Imperius Rex, forgetting that it exhausted all my characters, and thus lost the match, but still, those nods of approval and that quake from my opponent still made me feel like the victor!)

In any case, this card is pretty awesome. Being able to call out any card name and grabbing it makes for one of those deux ex machina moments that you know you won’t soon forget. Not just that, but if you couple this card with Illuminati, or any other card that lets you look at the top card of your deck, you’re able to for sure net something useful.

Being that I’m a card flipper with a limited pool of rares, this card has turned itself into my oft used tutor in any deck that features the Defenders, and which when I have my needed drops in hand, turns itself into a great utility card that can hopefully help me net that card I need in a pinch.


One comment

  1. This card is especially potent if you are playing a Legend or an Army Deck. Good catch.

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