Whose exhausted?

March 5, 2008

So myself and my perpetual VS partner in crime have finally decided to tackle and take head on that elusive beast we have struggled to capture for almost a year now; our own VS hobby league. Though we live in Southern California, where it seems hobby leagues are more prevalent than in other parts, we have often been turned off by one of various factors; be it the drive, the night, or just the fear that player will outclass us tremendously and make us feel like chumps. In an effort to no longer be denied a place where we can get others together to play, we asked our local comic shop owner if he would be ok with us creating a league, and getting us support in the form of carrying VS product and ordering HL kits. He readily agreed, and so for the past 2 weeks, we have been getting together on Wednesday nights, with us just playing the game, and answering any questions, as well as demoing the game for all who care to play.

We finally got our first guy to be real interested in the game today, and hopefully, with luck, he’ll be back next week to try the game out with us again.

Now, quickly changing gears…

My friend and I both bring decks that we feel are easy to play for any beginners to the game. Yet we still love to bring our wacky and different ideas to test out, as well as to showcase as some of the more complex and different things you can do once you get used to the game. The build I took today is one I cooked up this past week, and which abuses a certain dual affiliated character:

Whose exhausted (cause I know I’m ready)


4x Frank Drake, Nightstalker

2x Wong, Mystical Manservant

4x Black Cat, Nine Lives

4x Tania Belinskya<>Red Guardian, Cold Warrior

3x Punisher, Frank Castle

4x Hellcat, Patsy Walker

2x Spider-Man, The Sensational Spider-Man

1x Spider-Man, Spider-Hulk

2x Samantha Parrington, Chooser of the Slain

4x Moon Knight, Fist of Khonshu

1x Quasar

1x Submariner


3x Ego Gem

3x Spider-Mobile

2x Teleportation Ring


1x Stark Tower

3x Sanctum Sanctorum

Plot Twists:

4x Consulting the Orb

4x Rabbit Fire

4x Defenders Defend

2x Secret Defenders

2x Indebted

2x Banished to the Abyss

1x The “B” Team

The deck aims to win on turns 5 or 6, attacking with a fully pumped up Moon Knight on either 5 or 6 for lots of damage. While the deck could be a lot better, I build decks with only what I got, and this little amalgamation seems to have a great consistency for me. The deck abuses Spider-Mobile and Teleportation Ring to cheat in Moon Knight, and as such, the team ups really aren’t all that necessary, which may mean some future versions of this not even running a team up at all. Its definitely fun, and fairly straight-forward, which has made it fun and easy to play so far.

A quick rundown of how the deck plays out would be like this:

Black Cat or a 1 drop

Turn 1: Play Frank, or if you were lucky enough, put out Wong.

Turn 2: Play Black Cat. She is your best play for 2 main reasons, 1) She has evasion, which means its easy enough to keep her around till turn 5 or 6, when you can sub in Tania, and let that awesome +4atk kick in. 2) She does a fantastic job of milling unneeded cards out of your hand, and replacing them with new goodies.

Turn 3: Recruit Patsy, back up on Black Cat.

Turn 4: Now, in an optimal game, you would play Spider-Man, Sensational SM here. He exhausts a drop on 4 and on 5, and can be subbed by Samantha after exhausting a 3 drop.

Turn 5: Moon Knight. Back up all on him, hit, rinse, and repeat twice more. (Use Moon Knights Ability on last atk)

Turn 6: Now, you should really only get to this turn if you had evens. If that is the case, then Quasar is the way to go, to give Moon Knight some more punch. If off Init, I find that Submariner makes for a better wall, as he can brick attacks more easily than Quasar.

Well there you have it. I’m probably going to do some editing to the decklist in the next couple of weeks, and if I get it up to par, I might make it my go to deck for any BYOS tourneys that might come up soon.


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