Good things are brewing…

March 7, 2008

So I’m excited that our new hobby league was successful in interesting new players. I’m also excited that my girlfriends little brother, who came to watch us play this last week, expressed interest in the game. Its great to get new blood into the game, and now my task is to hook him into the awesomeness that is watching your favorite superhero’s go toe to toe with your opponents favorite’s, and feel that shock of victory when you find yourself triumphant.

With this in mind, I asked him what superhero’s he would like to play with. Among the teams he mentioned was X-men, and though I don’t have the greatest assortment of cards available, I put together some Golden Agey madness that I imagine will often hurt opponents:

Chuy’s X-deck (I’ll try and come up with something more clever, I promise)


4x Multiple Man<>Jamie Madrox, Army

3x Jubilee, Mallrat

4x Dazzler, Allison Blaire

4x Bishop, Lucas Bishop

4x Cyclops, Slim

4x Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner

2x Gambit, Swamp Rat

2x Forge, Inventor Extraordinaire

3x Wolverine, Logan

2x Cable, Nathan Summers


3x Danger Room

3x Muir Island

2x X-corporation

3x Birthing Chamber

 Plot Twists:

4x Nasty Surprise

4x Battle Tactics

4x Fast Ball Special

3x Blinding Rage

This is currently a rough sketch of the deck, but I feel it would have a fairly aggressive feel to it. It should be able to dominate in the early turns, and with Battle Tactics, Cyclops, and Fastball Special, it shouldn’t have too much of a problem dealing with larger characters in the later turns.  I plan to test it out for a few games to see how it works, and if all goes well, hand it over some Chuy can have some fun, and lead his X-men army to victory.



  1. I’m not feeling this build, since it lacks so much consistency. If you are going to run an X-Corp, put in Archangel so he can fetch it out. Also, maybe you should try to add some mill power by putting X-Corp Paris in as well?

    I’ll come up with some other suggestions for the next time I speak to you.

  2. Unfortunately, MXM is not in my available card pool. I wish the X-men had a nice tutor, or even something to the liking of Legacy of Evil…wait, X-men/Syndicate?

  3. Fortunately the X-Corp engine is mostly commons, and we both know someone in our group with those cards.

    And the perfect X-Swarm tutor is Time Breach, but that’s from the X-Men set, and also extremely rare.

  4. I’d squeeze in a playset of Turnabouts, even at the cost of the Blinding Rage’s. It may only be useful when working against the curve, but heck, +3/+3 is too juicy for words.

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