March 9, 2008

So I’m a huge fan of the new Blue Beetle, as I’m sure you can tell from some subtle hints I have on the site. I would really love to see VS give him a team if his own, and as such, some of my fantasy cards are inspired by the new run by Rogers is pretty much awesome. As such, I’ve obviously run the fanboy route, and come up with some cards, this one being a small preview;

(Ok, so just to clarify real quick, I’ve edited his stats and they’re 2/3, the problem being that photobucket is lame, and will not link the appropriate pic.)

So I think Team Blue could be really awesome. The Blue Beetle just begs for legend treatment, and with 3 different identities available, theres a lot of place you could go with them. Add to this the awesome cast of characters from the new run, and you have yourself a team that could be fairly competitive, and lots of fun.

As for the card, I felt that this was a fun and flavorful representation of the new Beetle. Jaime is obviously full of trick weaponry from the get go, but it only comes on-line when he’s in danger, hence his need to be in combat. The endurance loss is an obvious drawback, and the fact that it becomes less so is a reflection of his slowly growing control over his newfound abilities. And as for his equipment limit, while I don’t mind him having 2 equip, he’s the Jaime Reyes<>Blue Beetle, not Jaime Reyes <>Dr. Fate.



  1. It’s been a week. Howsabout some more Tier 2 love?

  2. My apologies. Btw, thanks for the comment. You had no idea how cool it made me feel to see it.

  3. Cool enough to make another post? Hee…
    This blog made my Thursday Thirteen list a few weeks back for a reason. Keep it up! (*encourage encourage*)

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