A not so dreamy aftermath…

March 20, 2008

So I’m liking the build, but it seemed to crap out an awful lot when you played it yesterday. Is there some kind of consistency issue with the deck, or were you two just not getting along that day?

     by TheBraveandtheBlog March 20, 2008 at 11:10 am 

So the deck did not play as marvelously as I anticipated. A few minor tweaks were made before I sat down with it on Tuesday night to test it out. It did an awesome job of being annoying a wiping the floor with my friends insanity build (the fact that he missed on 5 may have been a contributing factor, but I did only put out 2 pawns that turn) After a few matches, we decided that Amanda Waller, Queen, with a boost on 5 was a pretty awesome play. Her + 2 pawns equaled for 13 atk in the concealed!

Wednesday, after a few more tweaks (most notably adding in 2 amanda and cutting a Brother Eye, and a Hunte Castle) saw the deck play fairly poorly. Consistency all of a sudden turned into a big issue with the deck, and it totally bombed a couple of drops every game. It seemed I made something to anger the precious balance of the deck. Still, I really enjoyed playing the deck, and definitely plan on tweaking it some more until it becomes a kitchen table powerhouse.


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