Hidden Gems #2

March 31, 2008

So one of the most important things in the game of VS, and pretty much anything else in life, is the amount of bang that you can get for your buck.  In the real world, if you can get a good deal on something you really want, you’re usually going to take it, as its going to put you ahead in the world.

In the VS world, we always try to get the most that we can out of our cards. If a 2 drop can stun something bigger with a plot twist, we will almost always go that route, or if we can cheat in characters, if they’re on team, we will definitely include them for additional firepower.

This brings us to todays concealed gem.

Recently, I was building a Checkmate deck that abused Aspiring pawns. The deck did ok, but it crapped out often on turn 5. After considering the different options that Checkmate offered on turn 5, I took a step back, and stumbled upon a gem of a card that would fit the theme well, offer some flexibility as to when she could be played, and give me more bang for my resource points;

My friend once used Amanda in an OMAC abuse deck that he had back when Infinite Crisis first came out. A boosted Amanda on 7, allowed him to play 3 4 drops, which was actually a bit of a scary prospect when he had the initiative. (he would play her with the boost, gain 6 resource points, and then play the 4 drop OMAC with a boost, and play another OMAC) 

While maybe playing a Sasha Bourdeaux might be seen as a better call, all you get with her is 14 atk points, which can be turned to 16, but at the cost of playing no plot twists. With Amanda, you get 22 atk pts (the 8 from her, plus the 7 each from both OMAC’s) and as such, a lot more worth out of your resources. In my deck, she constantly signifies a lot more damage, and the fact that she is concealed makes her an even better play, seeing as she would get the bonuses from my Hunte Castle and Hellfire Club. On turn 5, even with only one of my bonus resources flipped, she gave me 13 pts of atk, which is definitely not offered by any of the 5 drops that Checkmate has available. As such, she became an easy inclusion in my deck, and a card that I have dearly fallen in love with. A card that gives me an advantage is something that has always been dear to me, and with Checkmate, almost no one does it better than this Queen. (And no Ahmed, you don’t count, because you belong up in that upper tier, which we are not about)


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