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RUN gets to preview a card!

April 28, 2008

So yea, he let me know a while back that TBS had selected him to be among the few celebrated bloggers that received the right to preview a card from the new set.

He’s been sitting on this card for I think close to a week, and the cheeky bastard wouldn’t even give me a hint as to what it is. “Why kill the anticipation I know you get when waiting for a preview. Why destroy that small piece of imagination and fantasy you got going on, as you try and figure out what the card is, or what it might do? You know you love it.”


In any case, I recommend all you guys to stay close to your computers, as RUN let slip that the preview should be up first thing Tuesday. And when I say first thing Tuesday, I mean, when the clock here strikes 12.

BTW, we’re on Pacific Standard time.


HL Update: We’s finally got some prize support!!!

April 23, 2008

So we totally had our first tournament at out local hobby league today. Run, Chucho, and I got there early, and found out that we finally get to play for some of the sweet hobby league cards we’ve been wanting for quite some time now. After all the regulars showed (there was six of us total) we decided to play the tourney as a Golden Age BYOS one.

And who took home the sweet Insanity card, Roshambo?  TheBravanadtheBlog’s very own Run!

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Silver age tourney…ftW!

April 21, 2008

So 2 weeks ago, Run and I decided to attend a tournament being run by Erick at Edgeworld. What drew us both was the fact that Erick was going to be giving out an extra pack to players who brought builds that weren’t part of the current Silver meta. In other words, no MKKO, no Ahmed, and no Darkseid. Excited that we could get a little extra packs, and that we may be heading into a meta that would be a little more unpredictable, Run and I decided to make the trip.  While we driving, we started to consider what we would run (I, as a rule, usually carry about 8 decks with me at any given time. They all range in legality, and some are built for the various formats available. As such, I had a lot of options). My decks, I admit, aren’t the most powerful of the group, but I have fun with them, and that what usually matters most to me.

In any case, as we got closer, Run started suggesting that I should maybe run one of his more powerful builds, and he would run the other, (In this case, Worlds Finest, and a fairly strong Insanity build) but he had recently just built (see here) an interesting deck that I wanted him to play. To encourage it, I decided to go with a completely odd build I had been working on for a while. As such, I went with this little thing I had posted before.

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So the bad thing

April 17, 2008

About coming back and posting, is that after having been away for the last 2 weeks, there is a lot that I wish to write about, but because I like to try and keep things somewhat focused, I guess I won’t get too crazy with this post.

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Build it, and they will come…

April 2, 2008

So today was probably one of the coolest days for me as far as my VS life is concerned. The only days that supersede it are; The spoiling of one of the coolest cards ever, in the form of TBS’s post this week on the New Captain America cards, and my placing in the top 8 of Mega Weekend LA.

The day started off when I got to our comic book shop, and the owner let me know that our kit should be coming in next week, and he has already put in an order for the next Hobby League kit.  That got me excited, but it wasn’t to be the highlight of my night. It came later, in the form of 2 completely new players coming in to join us. Read the rest of this entry ?


Why the Cap is just so awesome.

April 1, 2008

Back when I first started to play VS, it was the fact that I got to play with Spider-man and Batman that first drew me in. I thought that the game was really new, even though I later found out that the game had been rolling strong for about over a year.  I used the game as a spring board to re-kindle my friendships with a few friends that I has known for a while, but lost contact with since moving away from home. One of my friends Josh, had always been realy into comic books, and as such, the game gave us something in common to talk about, even though our lives had kind of drifted apart.

Back then, the Ultimate universe in Marvel Comics had just begun, and Josh lent me Ultimates comics in the hopes of getting me hooked. While it didn’t completely worked out like he planned, it did make me fall in love with the Ultimates universe, and more importantly, the Ultimates themselves, along with their long lost leader; Captain America. I still remember clearly the panel that made me realize this scrawny kid who had a fierce love for his country and old school morals was probably one of the most awesome characters in the Marvel Universe.

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