Why the Cap is just so awesome.

April 1, 2008

Back when I first started to play VS, it was the fact that I got to play with Spider-man and Batman that first drew me in. I thought that the game was really new, even though I later found out that the game had been rolling strong for about over a year.  I used the game as a spring board to re-kindle my friendships with a few friends that I has known for a while, but lost contact with since moving away from home. One of my friends Josh, had always been realy into comic books, and as such, the game gave us something in common to talk about, even though our lives had kind of drifted apart.

Back then, the Ultimate universe in Marvel Comics had just begun, and Josh lent me Ultimates comics in the hopes of getting me hooked. While it didn’t completely worked out like he planned, it did make me fall in love with the Ultimates universe, and more importantly, the Ultimates themselves, along with their long lost leader; Captain America. I still remember clearly the panel that made me realize this scrawny kid who had a fierce love for his country and old school morals was probably one of the most awesome characters in the Marvel Universe.

When I first read it, I could not stop laughing. It is quite easily the coolest panel I have ever read, and sums up the Cap quite nicely, in that it shows his never give in attitude, and that no matter how grim the situation, he’ll never stop fighting for what he believes in and represents.

 In VS, his cards up to this point haven’t quite represented that flavor all to well. The first time we ever got to see the Cap was back when his team got their own release. The Avengers set had 2 representations for the Cap on turns 3 and 6. Up until today, I always felt that the 6 drop Cap, with his leader ability of making his fellow Avengers unstannable on the attack, as well as bolstering their stats on defense, was the most flavorable representation of Cap. His 3 drop, while cool in giving blanket Avengerhood to those near him and upping their attack, didn’t quite do it for me. His later represenations, one as a Skrull (which doesn’t really count) and the other as a dual affiliated 7 drop, also didn’t seem all that great to me.

But then, it happened.

I was just finishing my previous post when Josh gave me a call. Along with s asking how day went, he also enquired if I had checked the mothership. Having been out all day, I responded with a no, but after he informed me of todays preview, I raced to the comp and was given the best treat ever;

A Captain that protects those that are dear and near to him, and who also is tough to take down. It deosn’t get much more flavorfui than that. Add to this the amazing artwork, and the fact that along with being an Avenger, he is also an INVADER!!! how awesome is that? This card alone makes me seriously want to do something I have never done before, buy a whole case of Marvel Universe. And, though I know that my whole theme is building on a budget, sometimes we budget ourselves to spoils ourselves, right? hahaha


One comment

  1. That Cap card is absolutely insane, and the Invaders team affiliation makes me very excited. I’m looking forward to getting some classic comic book action.

    I can’t wait to see what the Bucky and Toro cards look like.

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