Build it, and they will come…

April 2, 2008

So today was probably one of the coolest days for me as far as my VS life is concerned. The only days that supersede it are; The spoiling of one of the coolest cards ever, in the form of TBS’s post this week on the New Captain America cards, and my placing in the top 8 of Mega Weekend LA.

The day started off when I got to our comic book shop, and the owner let me know that our kit should be coming in next week, and he has already put in an order for the next Hobby League kit.  That got me excited, but it wasn’t to be the highlight of my night. It came later, in the form of 2 completely new players coming in to join us.

You see, we’ve been running our league for almost 2 months now, and so far, its only been my and my friends, who have been playing together for the past 2+ years. While its cool to hang and have a night to play VS, we’ve been really hoping to play with other people. That finally came true today, and it was totally cool to play against something other than the usual decks that my friends play. After a gauntlet of Worlds Finest, Heralds, and Revenge Squad,  its really cool to play against Punisher, Family of Four, and other builds my friends are used to playing. It was awesome to finally play against such different and diverse decks, and whats even more exciting is that they plan to come again next week, and make this the hobby league they regularly attend!

Another cool aspect about this is that it will help myself, as well as my friends, become better players, as good ideas for decks tend to come more as a collaboration, than one singular person building it. Add to that the fact that we can now run decent tourneys, and also getting to watch more games for which I wish to write game reports on, you can see why I am so excited.

So remember, if you play, and want to make your own HL, don’t give up hope, and keep on trying. It may happen on the most random of days, but eventually, players will come, and the fun that you have will totally be worth the effort you put in.


One comment

  1. Yeah, I’m very excited by the showing of our Hobby League. Hopefully we’ll get even more players for next time.

    And post more on this thing!

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