So the bad thing

April 17, 2008

About coming back and posting, is that after having been away for the last 2 weeks, there is a lot that I wish to write about, but because I like to try and keep things somewhat focused, I guess I won’t get too crazy with this post.

(I think thats enough)

So yesterday marked a cool occasion at our Hobby League. You see, last week Josh and I decided to attend Erick’s “SoCal boring Silver” tourney out at Edgeworld. There we found to our surprise and amusement that a lot of the players were Realms regulars, and recognized us from our screen names on realms, and thus knew that we were trying to get our own HL started in Fullerton. After confirming times and locations with us, we went about playing in the tourney, and as we left, they mentioned that they would try and see if they could make it on Wednesday.

And make it they did.

When I got to HL on Wednesday, I found that about of the “regulars” from Edgeworld decided to join us. Not just that, but our other 2 members from HL decided to invite some of their friends over as well. All in all we ended up having about 14 people attend, which made for some real fun times. I decided to try a new deck out (I’ll post it up later) and ended up going 3 and 1 for the night with it, and playing a much different set of decks that I’m used to  playing, and having a blast doing so.

So, like I said last time, if you’re trying to put together a Hobby League, don’t lose hope, you never know when you’ll encounter some folks who want to play VS just as much as you do.


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