Silver age tourney…ftW!

April 21, 2008

So 2 weeks ago, Run and I decided to attend a tournament being run by Erick at Edgeworld. What drew us both was the fact that Erick was going to be giving out an extra pack to players who brought builds that weren’t part of the current Silver meta. In other words, no MKKO, no Ahmed, and no Darkseid. Excited that we could get a little extra packs, and that we may be heading into a meta that would be a little more unpredictable, Run and I decided to make the trip.  While we driving, we started to consider what we would run (I, as a rule, usually carry about 8 decks with me at any given time. They all range in legality, and some are built for the various formats available. As such, I had a lot of options). My decks, I admit, aren’t the most powerful of the group, but I have fun with them, and that what usually matters most to me.

In any case, as we got closer, Run started suggesting that I should maybe run one of his more powerful builds, and he would run the other, (In this case, Worlds Finest, and a fairly strong Insanity build) but he had recently just built (see here) an interesting deck that I wanted him to play. To encourage it, I decided to go with a completely odd build I had been working on for a while. As such, I went with this little thing I had posted before.

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, I played the Knight deck!

Knightly Aspirations (redux!)

9x Aspiring Pawns

2x Surveillance Pawns

2x Jacob Lee

3x Sarge Steel

4x Graziella Reza

1x Fire

4x Harry Stein

2x Amanda Waller

1x Roy Harper <> Arsenal


4x Birthing Chamber

3x Secret Checkmate HQ

3x Brother Eye

4x Brother I Satellite

3x Rook Control

2x Hunte Castle

2x The Hellfire Club

Plot Twists

3x Poker Night

3x Ravaged

3x Relentless Pursuit

2x Furious Assault

While still not completely fine tuned, the deck played fairly well, and did the exact job which I wanted it to do, stun my opponents by the sheer oddness of the deck, and manage to make it a little difficult for them to beat me.

The meta at the tourney ended up being a lot more modern than silver, with just about everyone running
Modern decks with a few key Silver cards being put in. I chuckled a bit as one of the players was running a JLA build with the Fate Set as his silver deck. Heh. I did end up having a blast though, and though I don’t remember too much, I’ll give a brief rundown of how I did.

Round 1 Against TBZ!

My first match pitted me against VS very own Billy Zonos. He ran a Fan4 deck that looked to abuse “The New baxter building” to draw excessive cards, as well as giving him a reason to run Unstable Molecular Suit, and other doohickeys. Needless to say, when I first put out my Pawns, he was quizzical, and he was the first to shout “What madness is this?” when I played Harry on 4. I tried to Pop off his attacking Thing on turn 5 with Roy, and ran into clobbering time. After that, being behind a resource (as well as realizing then that i had forgotten to put in Huntress) led to a route, not in my favor.


Round 2 RocketGurls Jean Grey legend deck

This game might have gone in my favor, had I not missed Harry on 4. After that, Jean got huge, and while I was able to stifle damage, I just couldn’t get over his 2 huge Jeans, and after he dropped 8 drop Jean, and played Bodyslide on his 2 Jeans, all I could do was scoop.


Round 3 ?’s IG Concealed deck.

Both decks curved out well, but me pulling Owl-Man into the visible with Relentless Pursuit apparently proved to proved to frustrate a great amount of his plans, as well as my board getting bigger and bigger each turn as the pawns kept on getting bigger. My stunback of his White Martian on turn 5 put him to low to win the game, so I got the W.


Round 4 Daisuke Hanaoka’s World Finest/JLA

This was a bit of a rematch for me, as the last time I had played Daisuke had been at the top 8 table of MW LA’s BYOS tourney. I had lost there, and it happened again, as his 4 drop Wonder Woman redirected a crucial Ravaged, and his 14/14 Superman proved an annoyance that refused to get stun.


Round 5 Bye!

I got to play against Erick twice during my bye, and the deck finally hit all 4 gears running, as it got 2 wins against his MKKO. Lets just say that with all my bonuses finally going for me, I was able to hit for over 25 pts of damage on turn 3, and Erick couldn’t mount the comeback.

All in all, Run and I had a blast, and I achieved my goal of puzzled looks from my opponents, as I played many cards they forgot existed. My new goal is to tweak this to the best I can, and after that, maybe take it to a big Silver Age tourney, hopefully sporting an Aspiring Pawn on my hat, a la Stu Barnes with his Wild Sentinel.


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