HL Update: We’s finally got some prize support!!!

April 23, 2008

So we totally had our first tournament at out local hobby league today. Run, Chucho, and I got there early, and found out that we finally get to play for some of the sweet hobby league cards we’ve been wanting for quite some time now. After all the regulars showed (there was six of us total) we decided to play the tourney as a Golden Age BYOS one.

And who took home the sweet Insanity card, Roshambo?  TheBravanadtheBlog’s very own Run!

Run magicked his way to a 3-0 standing with his Shadowpact deck, which used Blackbriar abuse, along with the Fate set to make large characters that hammered the competition.

The meta consisted of the following:

1 DWF Super/Bat ladies

1 MVL Fan4

1 DLS Subsitbuse (my own)

1 DLS Emerald Eye legend

1 MAV Avengers Reservist.

While I didn’t get the 1st place (I actually ended ranking 4th =/ ) I still had a blast, and I can’t deny that we all walked away happy with our participation cards, and 2-4 were definitely happy with their Superman/Batman robots.

Now, if only I could build a deck to put him in…



  1. Hang on… the guy I’m working hand-in-hand with for Crime Lords Month is… skinny??? Damn, you just cost your pal some serious geek cred, dude.


    Gratz on the shenanigans, Gratz on getting the Hobby League rolling!

  2. Pssh. Skinny geeks are the best geeks.

    And yes, I feel bad about running the Fate suit… but I WANTED THAT ROSHAMBO! Now that I’ve won I can go back to playing weird Hawkman builds for the next several weeks.

  3. This must be mothershipped. Great stuff.

  4. Thats really cool we got the kits in. I had a lot of fun.-Jeremy

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