RUN gets to preview a card!

April 28, 2008

So yea, he let me know a while back that TBS had selected him to be among the few celebrated bloggers that received the right to preview a card from the new set.

He’s been sitting on this card for I think close to a week, and the cheeky bastard wouldn’t even give me a hint as to what it is. “Why kill the anticipation I know you get when waiting for a preview. Why destroy that small piece of imagination and fantasy you got going on, as you try and figure out what the card is, or what it might do? You know you love it.”


In any case, I recommend all you guys to stay close to your computers, as RUN let slip that the preview should be up first thing Tuesday. And when I say first thing Tuesday, I mean, when the clock here strikes 12.

BTW, we’re on Pacific Standard time.


One comment

  1. Just wait until you see Rallying Cry this week…

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