BYOT Tourney report…

May 30, 2008

So last Friday, Edgeworld hosted a sweet BYOT tourney. For those not familiar, BYOT is a format in which all cards in your deck MUST reference the team that you are playing. Erick amusingly calls it the “anti-legend” format, as all cards that are legend stamped tend to refer to the character, as opposed to the team. In any case, myself and my fellow Realmers (Josh and Andrew) decided we would go as it was a format that interested us all.

Well, that morning, I got into work at 5 in the morning, and seeing as I thought I’d be off by 2, I figured I could go home, build my deck, get some rest, and then head out to the Realms for some light playtesting, before heading to the tourney.

Thats not what happened.

I ended leaving work at 5, and having no time to build my deck, I headed home to pick up my DLS and DSM cards, after which I sped to Realms, with the idea of building a Darkseid deck, based around “All Hail Darkseid” and using “Hordes of Apokolips” and “Dark Fury” to up my ATK, and do double burn damage by equipping my characters with “Beta Clubs”

Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.

Josh failed to show up with the DSM box i had let him borrow, and as such, many of my power cards were gone. Add to that the fact that I had built a Darkseid clone deck, thinking that both “Ancient Throne” and “Ancient Evils” mentioned Darkseid’s Elite somewhere in their text; lo and behold, they didn’t. So after a few minutes of “man I’m screwed” I ran with a deck Josh and I had both thought about taking, and whose skeleton, Andrew just happen to have available in one of his decks;

Gotham KO

I’ll post up the decklist a little later, but let me tell you, it sure got the job done.

RD 1 Ludin, playing Team Superman

My KO of his 3 drop (Thanks to the crux of the deck, GCPD HQ) sent him back, and after negating some search, and sending his 5 drop Metropolis Marvel to the KO pile as well, Ludin scooped, unable to have come up with a character to play

RD 2 (1-0) Patrick, playing x-men off-curve

Playing no 1, and then TIm Drake, and then Huntress concealed put me back a ways. After that, a nice “Power nexus” to stun my 4 drop bats on his intiative was enough to slow me down and let Pat easily grab the win.

RD 3 (1-1) Wayne(?), playing X-men curve

While it was kind of close through most of the game, his guys just ended up getting too big for me to plow through. Not just that, but being forced to overcommit on Colossus to KO him and not risk him being recovered was enough to put the game out of my favor, and into his.

RD 4 (1-2) Billy Zonos, playing FF4 fantasticar

I honestly think Billy wasn’t having the best night, and it got no better against me. He missed 1 and 2, while I had curved with alfred, huntress, and Babs. He dropped Luke on 3, and IW (the doom one) on 4. But my KO of both his Luke and 5 drop Reed but him back a lot. After that, I KO’d his six, and then used babs to seal the deal, discarding 4 cards to get a +8 from “Taking Aim” and winning the match.

RD 5 (2-2) Christine, playing Underworld

Did you know that Gotham Knights is one of the few affiliations with a stamped hidden hate card. Guess who knew, but forgot to include it in his deck; thats right, me! Luckily for me, Chrsitine had a terrible draw, and wasn’t able to get anything online till turn 4. Couple that with Tim Drake absorbing damage thanks to GCPD HQ, and I was able to pull off the win with relative ease.

Finals (3-2)

My record was enough for me to make the top 4, but I was nearing exhaustion, and after pairing up with Patrick again, I knew chances were slim for me to pull off the victory. It became even more saddening as, even after my mulligan, all I drew was characters for the 4 turns, and all those characters were already in play. Pat got the win, but I still had a blast.


One comment

  1. That was a sweet tourney. You beat me by one spot with my deck (sort of). Good work man! But I am gonna have to crush you this Friday!

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