Giving it another shot…

July 10, 2008

So its been a LONG while since I’ve really updated this with anything, but I still love playing VS, and from time to time, I want to write about something, so I figured, why not just give it a go.

I’ve been playing with the new MUN set since it came out this past month, and I’ve got to say, its phenomenal. Actually, one of the things that been hard for me to write about is the fact that, even though the sites original premise was to try and give players with smaller wallets a way to play competitively and still stay cheap, I myself can’t really give that great advice, seeing as Josh and I both put down some cash and decided to buy a whole case for our selves. Still there are some teams that look like you will be able to build on the cheap, and thats one of the teams I’ll talk about now.

Say hello to
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />

This card is pretty much what makes your average avengers deck the NUTZ! Add the fact that the majority of your avengers team up is uncommon, with the only solid rares for the deck being
Avenger Reassembled
Punisher, Secret Avenger
Spiderman, Outlaw
Wolverine, Secret Avenger

You can totally build this deck on a budget. Just sub either Justice or Tigra for Punisher, and run a full 4 copies of Black Panther on 5 and you’re set. All the rallying and resource replacing will be more than enough to ensure you hit your drops, and will allow you to smash face into your opponents, all without you skipping a beat.

I’ll try and build a Random Punks Avengers build soon, just so I can give a more fleshed out deck lists of a inexpensive, but winning deck.


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