Casual vs. Competitive (does it really exist? does it even matter anymore?)

October 17, 2008

I know its way late, and probably not something on the mind of most players nowadays, but what do you think of said topic?

Here in my neck of the woods, its something that pops up every once in a while. You see, the majority of guys that I play with, and those that most often frequent my HL are very much a casual player base. We don’t own the moeny rares, we haven’t had the experience of playing VS (or any other TCG for that matter) in an enviorment where being competitive actually paid off.

(I dont know who this guys is, just popped up after google image search, seemed good enough)

(I don't know who this guys is, just popped up after google image search, seemed good enough)

Sure, we enjoy winning (who doesn’t?) But we never really honed that edge that many others out here in Cali have, that edge that pushes them to win, and that makes them very formidable players. I for the most part, don’t mind the competitive player, those that truly were competitive when the game was intense, are for the most part nice guys that will help you out and give you pointers if you ask for them. But make no mistake, when these guys play, they play to win,

So what is one to do? Lets say you have your own HL, and want to encourage new players who want to learn and play their janky, not so powerful decks, but also want ot keep those competitiveminded players who can help your HL grow and flourish. Create new rules. Shake up the woodworks and use new constructed formats that force players to build new decks, and use rules that will even the terrain. Force cards that you might deem too powerful out, but allow for creativity and flexibility. If you do it right, most people will be happy. We do it at our league every week, and while we’ve lost some players, they still show up from time to time, and they respect the rules that we enforce.

It might not be the best of both worlds, but as long as you get a balance, everyone will have a good time. And thats really the basis of this (or any other) game isn’t it?


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