What did you like this week?

October 17, 2008

Whats got you excited? will be a new installment for this preview season of MEV. In it, I will highlight cards which I think will be on my top list, and explain why it is that I like them so.

We’re into week 2 of previews for this new set, and I’m sure most of the VS world will agree with me when I say, WOW.

Some intense cards have popped up this week, but I think the thing on everyone’s mind is the new mechanic that we were introduced to; Shift. The ability to pay for future recruits, and the ability to completely maximize, (and in many instances, cheat more) one’s resource points seem to be the central theme to the Exiles, who, from  what we have seen so far these last 2 weeks, seem to be one of the teams to beat once this set sees release. Being able to fully use your resource points is one of the key factors to winning games, and the fact that this team does it so easily will make them the focus of many power decks, and will probably be one of the first Tier 1 teams to come from this set.

Moving on;

We saw some really cool cards this week that showed us that Shift and the Exiles will be fun and competitive to play with. We saw 2 new legends, and probably one of the most powerful Legend cards out there, but looking past all that, we also got to see a card that has me totally excited, and hoping that I pull a four of.

This guy has me excited for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ve always been a fan of the famous webslinger, and ever since I got into VS, I’ve loved building decks that feature him. While the curve for Mono-spiderfriends has improved dramatically in the past couple of expansions (including a fantastic 3 drop in MUL, and a game-winning six drop in MEX) it always seems that the best spideys are hard to keep on the table, mostly because their unique characters, and its always hard to draw into those oh so necessary Carrying the Torch that you need to keep up board parity. Miguel Hara changes this dramatically though, for the following reasons;

  • He’s a spiderfriends 3 drop
  • His name IS considered to be Spiderman, which means he’s targettable by all those cool Spidey legend pt’s including Giftwrapped
  • He has the same stats as other spider-men on
  • He can exhaust on turn drops, something MUL Spidey can’t do.
  • Since his name is Miguel, you don’t have to be worried about him KO’ing when you play 4 drop Spidey.

Sure, his power removes him from the game, but it might not be too far of a stretch to team-up the Spider-friends with Exiles, especially seeing as the core Spider build is pretty flexible when it comes to teaming up. I’m sure playing Sensational Spider-Man along with another 4 (say, Mimic maybe?) would defeinitely make for a strong and fun play =)


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