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Re-present? Ready, Set Love? whatever title, you wish…VS project

May 6, 2008

So, while today is not the first of the month, it does mark the beginning of a new project I and Runaway from “TheBraveandtheBlog” will be collaborating in.

You see, in honor of the BYOS events being sanctioned by UDE, as well as the fact that when it comes to building on a budget, BYOS is one of the coolest options, we’ve decided to honor Sets. BYOS is awesome because it gives you a limited card pool, and allows you to make flavorful as well as competitive decks. It allows you to find focus, and also makes it cheaper to build decks, seeing as you only have to invest in a set that features heroes (and villains) you feel a connection with. With this is mind, Run and I came up with this little project.

We’ll take it all one week at a time, and we’ll learn different things about a given set each week. Hidden Gems, High Tier Decks, story lines that influenced the set, we plan to discuss all that and more. It should make for some very fun, and hopefully very informative, 22 weeks or so.

And which set are we gonna start this all off with? While it would make sense to go straight from the beginning, Run and I felt that maybe the least loved sets should get the love first, and after a coin flip, this guy came out a winner. For our first installment of Ready, Set Love, we present;

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We’s got mentioned on the MOTHERSHIP!!!

May 1, 2008

Oh man, Stu Barnes is like, the MAN!*

Did you check out Stu Barnes article on the mothership yesterday? Along with being full of his usual clever and encouraging writing style, it also happened to talk a small bit about our HL, and used the pics that I posted up last week, showcasing our champs.

Not only that, but he called me a CREATIVE GENIUS! While I definitely appreciate the statement, I also feel that I’ve got to give the blog a little more love, as well as make some tweaks here and there too truly earn that remark.

Luckily for me, Runaway and I have been coming up with some schemes to keep us more involved with our blogs, as well as making it all fun.

Be ready, because fun and games are definitely coming up, and it all starts next week.


Building on a Budget…why BYOS is your best friend

March 8, 2008

The main goal of this blog, as I’m sure some of you are aware about, is playing VS on a budget. While I will admit that my cardpool is fairly large, it mostly consists of older sets, no longer silver legal, and is in no way as complete as many others happen to be (I will admit that at one point, I heavily invested in DLS, but still only came out with 1 copy of Mobilize). While a limited cardpool may make it difficult to put together those awesome Tier 1 builds you always hear, you can still get a lot out of those cards, and out of the boxes that now go for as little as 20 dollars.

UDE has sanctioned in the past, and will hopefully do so again on the future, the BYOS format. It’s my #1 favorite format simply because I’m able to get the most use out of all my cards, and also, really makes you think up some new and interesting combo’s that you may not truly have seen before. I know I myself have had that happen to me on more than one occasion. A classic example would be when I was building my Who’s exhausted deck. While searching for some “for the turn” atk modifiers, I came upon a gem of a card that was within the set and that I remembered scoffing at before because, 1) it had slightly odd art, and 2) I had neglected to read the whole card, and just noticed the +2 atk, instead of;

Flight, range, and +2 atk for the turn. Yes please!

And thus, I challenge all my readers. Pick a set, or even just your favorite team, and see if you can’t come up with some awesome stuff that doesn’t need so much legacy or rare support, and rather is just a bit of ingenuity taken a long way.

Hope you guys come up with fun stuff.


Hidden Gems #1

March 5, 2008

So I actually took this idea off of a fellow blogger over at tcgplayer. He has blogs where he posts “Concealed Gems” of the game that he finds great use of, or which he thinks are cool. Following in his footsteps, I’ve decided, from time to time, post a few hidden gems of my own.

My first one is still Modern, and a card I’ve grown to greatly appreciate

Back when I played in my 3rd VS Sneak Peak (remember those good old days?) I built a defenders/spider-friends deck that took me to a 3-3 record. I remember playing this card in one of my games, calling out Imperius Rex, and putting the card into my hand when I revealed it. I remember the judges nodding their heads in awe, and my opponent begin to sweat as he realized he would soon surely lose. (I later went on to make a terrible misplay with Imperius Rex, forgetting that it exhausted all my characters, and thus lost the match, but still, those nods of approval and that quake from my opponent still made me feel like the victor!)

In any case, this card is pretty awesome. Being able to call out any card name and grabbing it makes for one of those deux ex machina moments that you know you won’t soon forget. Not just that, but if you couple this card with Illuminati, or any other card that lets you look at the top card of your deck, you’re able to for sure net something useful.

Being that I’m a card flipper with a limited pool of rares, this card has turned itself into my oft used tutor in any deck that features the Defenders, and which when I have my needed drops in hand, turns itself into a great utility card that can hopefully help me net that card I need in a pinch.


Can something be coming…

March 4, 2008

Hello all!

While I definitely do not consider myself among the best or most intense of VS players, I will admit that with about 2 years of casual play under my belt, I get some of the rulings, and understand what makes many decks powerful. Just today, a friend and I were discussing the sudden demise of the Bizzaro build, and if anything else would be seen of our #1 friend. It was then that he mentioned the power of an oft overlooked card, and my brain exploded with ideas:

And thus, HellBiz is born.


4x Hellboy, Little Boy

6x Damn Nazi’s

4x Jaime Reyes

4x Kate Corrigan

4x Hellboy, Aung Un Ranma

4x Bizarro, Me am Bizzaro #1

1x Abe Sapien, Ichthyo Sapien


1x Steel Girder

3x BPRD Signal Device

2x Ego Gem

1x Twin Firearms (or Mindtap Mechanism)


4x Bizzaro World

2x Canvendish Hall


1x Weapons Lab

Plot Twists:

4x Something is Coming

4x Break off the Horns

4x Pancakes

2x Healing Factor

1x Need for Speed

The beauty of this deck is that it lets you fetch at least any one card up to four different times starting from turn 3 and on. Not just that, but the fact that Bizarro can take advantage of all the Hellboy centric plot twists is a beautiful thing.

The deck would hopefully play out like this.

Mulligan Condition: Kate Corrigan, or some way to fetch Kate Corrigan, (i.e. BPRD HQ and a BPRD char), and a Damn Nazi.

Turn 1: Any Resource, Damn Nazi (Hopefully)

Turn 2: Kate, Bounce and search out Weapons Lab (btw, if you happen to have a Jaime in hand, don’t forget you can exhaust Kate when you put her out to search for an equip, (ego gem?) and still bounce her back)

Turn 3: Kate again, this time searching out either Canvendish Hall, or BizWorld, then 1 drop and ego gem (if you didn’t have a 1 out before) If you happen to have recruited hellboy, and have the Nazi out, flip Cavendish and put that Something in your hand to good use and search out a card. Equip Ego gem, activate, net another card.

Turn 4: Hellboy. By this time, you should have a fairly full hand. Activate that Ego Gem for one more. If you haven’t already, flip the Lab and dig for the Signal Device, if you don’t have it yet. Hit stuff with Hellboy, and if you can, ready and atk again.

Turn 5: Bizarro with Steel Girder. At 11 atk, he should be able to stun most 5’s, and remember, you can power him up with any char in your hand. If you can, recover, ready, and make that 4 drop also unable to recover. Let Hellboy hit the 3, and they recover that.

Turn 6: If it gets to here, and you chose the Mindtap, Abe Concealed is the way to go, (this is especially true if your off init) If its your init though, Abe out with Twin Firearms is a better deal. You should be able to win this turn, if not make your opponent concede as he will, optimally only have his 3 and 6 out against your dangerous and overstatted 4,5 and 6.

Now, this deck is real rough, and of course, does not properly abuse Bizarro, due to the fact that these cards all exist in my card pool, and I felt like building something I could actually play for real, and not just on MWS. If you, on the other hand, have access to more potent Legendary cards, feel free to tech them in, and see how much fun you can have with this little idea.